What is SRF Foundation?

We don’t have a fancy name, but we do have big dreams for the children of India. Thanks to Mrs Manju Bharat Ram, The Shri Ram Schools (TSRS), which are highly recognized and respected in India, were set up. With our teaching excellence, TSRS has been named the “Best Day School” in the Education World’s Schools survey in both 2008 and 2009. We are also passing down our child centric methodolody to nursery teachers under the Enhancing Early Education Program (3EP).

Following this success, we wanted to bring high quality education to the children in rural Mewat. Children with passion and determination in the eyes, unwavered by the harshness of life.

Full of hope, we collaborated with the Government of Haryana, which has established several projects and policies to encourage education in the rural villages. Schools are now within walking distance, with the most basic facilities. However, they are still schools we would not send our children to, even in our worst nightmares. The construction has made the place haphazard to young children, piles of books are lying on the filthy floor, toilets are revolting and meals are prepared in the dusty open. Even the classroom, a place for learning, is often found empty, if not for a chalkboard and a few educational posters. 

If this place is not adequate for children, it is not adequate for teachers as well. Going to work in a place like this is demotivating, not to mention the number of absentees they get because parents do not see the point of sending their children to school. As a result, teachers stopped appearing for classes as well.

What we want to do is to build model schools in Mewat, to show parents, students and teachers that things are going to be better, much better. Only then, will we earn their cooperation and participation. The Mewat Rural Education Program was hence, established.

As a Foundation with expertise gained from The Shri Ram Schools, we also offer academic services to other organizations under our Shri Sambandh Program. Whether it is organizing summer camps, or curriculum design, we can share our experience. This program is also planned to bring us closer to self-sustainability for our non-profit work.

We all know that the rural children need our help, but how about young adults who have no or little education? They need our help as much as the helpless children. With our Vocational Training Program, we create employment opportunities for the umemployed, and provide skilled labor to the workforce at the same time.

By now, you can see that we, even as a Foundation, is doing a lot. This blog will record what we do specifically, the conditions in the rural areas, in terms of education, and what you can do to help make a difference – whether it’s by spreading the cause with a few clicks, or making a donation.




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  1. Sounds great! Good luck in all your work! 🙂

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