Mewat Monday: Rejuvenated and Back-In-Action

From the previous series of Mewat Monday, Aisyah and Rafidah covered some of the issues the villages in the district of Mewat faces. Stay tuned as we bring you a new series of “Mewat Monday”, a weekly segment where we cover more about the programs implemented and their impacts.

For this week’s issue, we will be covering the inauguration of Aavishkar, a mobile van for the promotion of Rights to Education (RTE) and Science education.

Science sets children thinking

Although textbooks are insightful and contain all the information, sometimes they get monotonous and boring. We all agree that at such time, our brain will switch off and stop absorbing any knowledge from the textbook. Once in a while, a switch in learning method aids textbooks and makes learning more effective.

In order to make learning more interesting and enjoyable for the children, we have pushed out the “Aavishkar” initiative. On 18th May 2012, we held an inauguration of Aavishkar at Udaan Camp which is located near Anaj Godaam, Nuh. Aavishkar contains science equipment and models to allow children to carry out science lab activities with advanced equipment and technology, and projector and sound system to promote RTE.

Equipment in Aavishkar

Aavishkar will be traveling through 19 villages of MREP to give an exposure to the schools. We believe that by providing them with the opportunities to carry out hands-on science experiment, they will be able to learn science concepts more effectively. The inauguration was attended by 12 representatives of the stakeholders including the DEEO of Mewat – Ms. Santosh Tanwar, DPC – Wazir Chand Majhoka, SSA, Mewat, City Magistrate Trilok Chand,  Mrs. Neena Kapoor-CDPO, ICDS, 2 APC of SSA, BEO-Nuh, Principal GETI, Firozpur Nagar, and more than 80 visitors.


We were as excited as the children as we feel that the inauguration of Aavishkar was a significant event. This mobile van is able to provide the children with a chance to carry out experiment which they were not able to previously. The hands-on science activities will give students a better grasp of the theories from the textbook and make learning more effective for them.

A demonstration of how the children learn through equiptment available in Aavishkar


Before the commencement of the event, the children were exhilarated to be able to use one of the science equipment (which the girl above used for demonstration). Many of them gathered around and took turns to handle it. We were glad to witness the children’s passion for learning as we believe that this is the most important factor in education. Without these interests in learning, textbooks and experiments will not be of much use. Now that the vital factor has been fulfilled, what’s lacking is the learning materials and mediums. With Aavishkar, we have made the first step into spicing up ways of learning. Through this, we hope that the children will be more enthused about learning and be able to obtain more knowledge from every class they attend.

The 11th edition of Mewat Mondays is brought to you by our new interns, Joan, Lyndon and Galvin, who are touched by the MREP program and hope to contribute their efforts to the initiatives. As part of their field research, they will be spending time in the 19 villages, and will gladly share pictures and anecdotes from these experiences. They can be reached at , and respectively. 


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