Mewat Monday – A Spark of Hope

It is the dream of many to be rich, to be able to support their family and live in comfort. Yet to some, it is but a dream because they do not have the means, the skills or the opportunities to do so.

That is how some youths living in rural Mewat feel. Despite having studied for a long time, many of them still return home to work in the fields and take care of their siblings. They lack the opportunities and resources to understand the true value of education and needless to say, make use it to find jobs that offer better prospects.

They were lacking a stepping stone, until now.

Launch in collaboration with electrical giant Schneider India, the Electrician Training Program will last 3 months training selected youths, between the age of 18 – 30 years of age. The program not only trains them to be electricians, but also teaches basic English, computer skills, soft skills and development of their personality. At the end of the course, they will be presented with a certificate by both Schneider and SRFF to certify that they have the necessary skills to be an electrician.

This program was initiated to meet the increased demand for electrician resulting from an increased usage of electricity in the villages. Amongst the predominantly agricultural nature of villages in Mewat, it offered an opportunity to smart but underprivileged youths to gain skills that would give them hope for the future and improve their standard of living.

Important guests present to support the program

Candidates and other guests who graced the event

We were privileged to be able to attend the inauguration of this event, to see the joy and enthusiasm of the candidates who are presented with such an opportunity. The support given by the BDPO, Sarpanches of neighboring villages as well as the media is undeniable. After the inauguration event, we had a chance to talk to some of the participants. Many expressed delight in securing a place in the program. To add on, one even had the ambition of opening a shop and becoming his own boss!

Candidates filling in their particulars

We believe that this Electrician Training Program has just sparked that much needed hope in the youths and promises a brighter future for the candidates. They have already been provided with the first step. What comes after depends on their determination and effort to work towards their goals.

The first lesson!


To collaborate with us, email for more information.

The 12th edition of Mewat Mondays is brought to you by our interns, Joan, Lyndon and Galvin, who believe that education is not only about textbooks but also learning about applicable skills. As part of their field research, they will be spending time in the 19 villages, and will gladly share pictures and anecdotes from these experiences. They can be reached at, and respectively. 


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