Mewat Monday – Our Finishing Touch

Our Story:
For the previous edition of Mewat Mondays, the prevailing issues in the village had been pointed out and elaborated by the previous batch of interns. At that point of time, the efforts made by SRF Foundation were only at the initial phase of progress. Now after a period of time, the programs have somewhat stabilized and impacts are materializing. As the new batch of interns, we felt that we should follow up and report on the latest updates of the programs.


The numerous initiatives of SRF Foundation

Seeing how teaching method is varied with the launch of Aavishkar van and BALA initiative; how a place can be specially designated for girls to stay in for months just to study; how the 18 schools in Mewat operate; how summer camp are planned for children to enrich themselves during the holiday; how Electrician Training Program and Gazaab project are carried out to equip villagers with employable skill…
All these have been a fulfilling and insightful journey for us.

From our first week of fascination to the last week of sentimental emotions, the village trips have taught us so much and opened us up to a part of the world which we had not expected ourselves to see.

The under-equipped classroom conditions, lack of teaching materials and resources, inadequate water and electricity supply and many other issues never appeared before us so apparently before. We could never imagine ourselves living in such environment as we have all along been leading a comfortable life since we were born. So, when we witnessed the conditions which people in the village were living in, we were caught by surprise. The sadness that came over us; the motivation in wanting to make a positive impact in their lives surged within us; the reflections that we had for numerous nights on how fortunate we are; and every other feelings that we felt in our hearts, were so strong.

These immense emotions inspire us to do our utmost best with the resources and skills we have to make a difference. It may be through working with SRF Foundation to raise awareness on current efforts so as to garner more support, or being out in the field sharing our joy and interacting with them. We believe that every effort we have put in, no matter how small, will impact them directly or indirectly in one way or another.

There are no hard and fast solutions to these issues, especially when finance and tradition create such huge barriers for any aid efforts. As such, a focus on educating the young ones, as well as changing the mindset of the older population and helping them adapt to the current world affairs, are what we feel is a good foundation to alleviate the issue of poverty.

Our project for these 10 weeks aims to draw more attention to the “astoundingly” impoverished conditions of the village. We hope that through raising awareness for them and showing that efforts are already in progress, more help will be available to hasten the development of the village. Not only will they not be neglected by the society anymore, they will be more readily accepted instead. Hence, apart from the weekly Mewat Monday issues, we also have many videos coming up (such as interview videos of officials, video of MREP program etc.) on our Youtube site ( If you want to be kept updated on our programs and events, you can also LIKE US ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE or follow us on twitter!

Till then, this post marks the end of our Mewat journey and we hope that you like our previous posts coverage. If you would like to share with us your opinions or comments, you can leave your comment here, contact us via our emails, or leave a post on our Facebook page 🙂 .

The 19th edition and final edition of Mewat Mondays for this series is brought to you by our interns, Joan, Lyndon and Galvin, who believe that no effort is ever too little. As part of their field research, they have been spending time in the 19 villages, and have gladly share pictures and anecdotes from these experiences. They can be reached at, and respectively.


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