Khel Khel Mein Utsav: Crowned with Overall Champion (Mewat Rural Education Program)


SRF Foundation was even crowned the ‘Overall Best Team’ out of all 21 NGOs in Khel Khel Mein Utsav held on 22nd December 2012. With our team’s stellar performance, we won trophies for best performance in both the intermediate and senior categories.

On 22nd Dec 2012, 20 students selected from among their peers during the block competition held on 17th Dec, represented the Mewat district in the Inter NGO Sports Meet organized by Concern India Foundation and supported by the Athletics Federation of India. Under the MREP, SRF Foundation had facilitated many practice sessions to ensure that the students were well-prepared for the competition. Many of these students had to wake up by 5am to gather at 5.30am. Despite the cold weather, the representatives showed enthusiasm as they made their way to the venue on time.
There were a total of 21 NGOs represented by over 600 student participants. The event was divided into three categories—junior (ages 6 to 8), intermediate (ages 9-11), and senior (ages 12-14). As the sports meet was held at the Air Force Sports Complex, which was in close proximity to the New Delhi Airport, many of the students were fascinated by the sight of airplanes flying up close.
Before the event commenced at 9.30am, the students were issued the event t- shirts, caps, socks and shoes. Facilitators were also given instructions on how the event would be conducted. Next, all the participants were involved in a march-past. As this was a first for most of them, it was a refreshing experience that brought much fun and laughter. It was also a good opportunity to expose them to virtues such as discipline.Image


The events included a 50m race, 100m race, lemon and spoon race, leapfrog race, one-legged race, three-legged race, sack race, relay race, skipping race, short put, and long jump. To save on time and increase efficiency, the sports meet adopted a decentralized approach to conduct events simultaneously.

There were multiple rounds for each event, and our representatives did well by winning the quarter and semi-finals despite facing tough competition from the other NGOs. In the relay finals, our boys’ team did us proud by winning the 3rd position. As for our girls’ team, they performed beyond expectations, winning 1st and 2nd in the 50m race, 1st in the sack race, 1st and 2nd in the skipping race, 1st in the 100m race, and 1st in shot put.



This achievement would not have been possible without the support from the various stakeholders, including the staff from SRF Foundation, the teachers, volunteers and parents involved. Most importantly, let’s not forget the students who have given their very best in the sports meet. It is clear that there is great potential in the students of Mewat, and given the opportunity, they would be able to excel and do us proud. Once again, congratulations to the boys and girls team on a great job done!




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