‘SUPPORT MY SCHOOL’ PROGRAM – Official commencement under Mewat Rural Educational Program (MREP)

Several studies have revealed that lack of basic amenities like Toilets, Access to Water and Basic Infrastructure create an unwelcome environment in schools, which leads to higher rate of absenteeism, finally resulting into drop outs. 


SRF Foundation jointly with Coca-Cola India/Enrich Agro and Tetra Pak India commenced the second season of ‘Support My School’ program in Rewasan, Rehna & Tapkan village school complexes in Mewat District under our flagship program ‘Mewat Rural Education Program’ (MREP). The quest to ensure revitalizing rural schools led to the formation of partnership among NDTV, Coca Cola India/Enrich Agro, Tetra Pak India and SRF Foundation. The program is designed to channelize strengths of the partners and come up with a model of healthy active schools.  This collaboration will impact around 2500  number of students and  lay claim to better access to sanitation, water, playing facilities, libraries, computer centers and a more welcoming and learning environment. The program is built around the following pillars to create maximum impact:

  1. Improved access to water
  2. Toilet facilities for girls and boys
  3. Developing playgrounds and providing sports equipment
  4. Providing Libraries

Prior to the respective enthusiasm for the cause, NDTV conducted a 12 hour Telethon broadcasted on 2nd & 3rd February 2013 Live from Mumbai. Dr. Suresh Reddy, Director – SRF Foundation, as a partner member, presented Rs. 10 Lac as our contribution to matching effort of Rs. 30 Lac by Coca Cola India and addressed the rest about our collaboration, challenges that will be best solved by collective might of all the stakeholders and adding new dimensions to the campaign. He concluded with the aspiration to work together and take this campaign forward to Mewat District and create a welcome and caring environment in schools for our children.


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