IBMers visit to Mewat

To study IBM’s collaboration with SRF Foundation rendering social innovation in the thematic intervention of education, thus building responsible nation.

Fleet of 10 cars loaded with 50 enthusiastic IBMers proceeded towards Tapkan, a remotest village in Mewat district, approximately 50 Kms from the corporate/industrial hub of Gurgaon, to experience the real rural India and how a technology enriched organization have made use of common operating machine purposely used to education & research to educate tomorrow’s leaders; an incredible joint effort that touches lives of 500 children every day.

Pleasant climate, rain droplets, chilling breeze, empty roads, panoramic greenery and sky-touching scenic Aravali hills encouraged the drive and added to the expectation of a great day ahead. The IBMers were much ready and eager to learn about their organization’s social engineering initiatives and various facets of development, in the thematic intercession of education, in a region where education is considered an expense. While the 2-hr drive the team was also very interested knowing the fruitful impact and meaningful changes in the lives of children, youths and community at large, making their place in the country.

These 50 IBMers can be titled as the best employee engaging activity for an organization they work for and gives them pride, gratification and honor to be associated with. A reasonably justifiable satisfaction believed to reflect credit upon oneself.

Mr. Ayub Khan, Head Master along with SRFF team & IBMers planned days’ activity and delegated the various teams with respective responsibilities. Set of 10 employees facilitated the painting competition and distributed the stationary to group of 15 children in two sets each. 


The employees were very interactive and each of the 10 employees sat with 3 children each as their group among the lot. Interaction went on talking their ideas, understanding their thoughts, which color-pencil-scale to be used and thus motivating them rigorously to win. Children were much pampered and in no-time started sharing, talking & mingling. Few children penned down a colorful tree projecting that if they are not, we are no-where. Others drew tri-colored national flag voicing that this is ours too. And few showcased their own aspiration of a model village community system.


Often, employees were sharping pencils, talking ideas, exploring aspirations in order to chart a master-piece on the paper. Finally 3 boys and 3 girls were selected as ‘Painting Competition’ winners.


The breeze was in the mood, which kept the day going and made a great start for much fun to happen as the children were never so involved. Children resembled as bright sunlight, aspiring to rise from the dark mountains to grow than sky and make themselves worthy. The urban-rural gap was bridged and employees too lived the moment and learned that nothing more in life is crucial than life itself.

Other set of employees enjoyed playing cricket with the middle school children. This sport seemed so secular that people from different creed found enjoying bat-boll and screaming for their team’s victory. They looked-like tomorrow’s Dhoni & Tendulkar. Clouds were dropping down, the air was misty; when in middle of hardly-seen mountains, all that was visible was IBM & SRFF banner voicing up that our relationship serves the neediest. Some of the employees even took the lead on the blackboard; started teaching, rhyming poems and making the children do so. 


The best appreciation of all the employees was that they got bifurcated in groups and took the lead of different activities to be done in time-crunched deadlines, talking in their language and simply being a part of them with them.  

The final activity of the day was super-exciting as the mid-day meal was replaced with Maggi serving to the children. Employees, teachers, staff, children-they all loved it; and as the rain didn’t halt, so as their excitement. IBMers took the charge and served buckets of Maggi to each student individually and seeing them eat was immense joyful. Their eyes were sparkling and moist with happiness. Children thoroughly enjoyed their ‘New Mid-Day Meal’ with masala of care and noodles of always being there. They were talking among themselves and liked the unusual day.







Towards the end, one of the employees showed a motivational clipping through Avishkar van wherein, a man who is armless, with his sheer dedication is able to make the best of his life; and the morale flooded that if he can, all of us can. Children looked with big eyes, barefoot, half wet, with dreams as high as sky.

The final award-giving exercise to the children was facilitated by Md. Ayub, Head Master of the school and Sarpanch of the school. Towards the end, Head-DPE, IBM addressed and promised all present for meeting again and for making their relationship work ahead for education transformation.







Please click on the below mentioned link to watch the video:


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  1. These kind of social support should be recognized to create awareness in the society. Though these problems are well known by all the people, there is still lack of abundant support for education in India.

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