Mewat Mondays: Meet the faces of the Basic Electrician Training Programme

Part of the Mewat Rural Vocational Programme, the Basic Electrician Training Programme (BETP) is a partnership between SRFF and electrical giant Schneider Electric Pvt Ltd. In line with SRFF’s mission of building a better tomorrow through vocational training and education, the Basic Electrician Training Programme (BETP) equips Mewat youths with electrician skills, building their capabilities for sustainable livelihoods and empowering them to fulfill their aspirations.


Spiky-haired Gulshan Kumar travels 23km by bus daily from his home in Nagina village to attend the Basic Electrician Training Programme sessions. He told us that his supportive parents encouraged him to join the programme and gain knowledge from the course.

The affable youth expressed his satisfaction with the BETP’s curriculum and teaching style, “[Instructor] Sonu sir is really nice and capable, he teaches us in his own style and doesn’t put pressure on us.” He added that the BETP centre is unique, being the only place in Nuh providing a wide variety of electrical equipment. Schneider Electric has kindly provided machinery, equipment, and a complete laboratory set up to ensure students get sufficient hands-on practice.

Gulshan with batchmates

Gulshan with batchmates

Gulshan’s enthusiasm about the BETP is such that he has been fervently trying to spread the word about the programme to friends from his village; he tells us earnestly that he has succeeded in persuading two friends to enroll, and he hopes that more youths will join him.

The MRVP aims to empower underprivileged youth to achieve their individual ambitions, and Gulshan is one such youth eagerly looking to the future. He intends to be an electrician after completing the programme, hoping to eventually open his own electrical business. And his ambitions don’t just stop there. When asked where he envisions himself in five years, Gulshan says with a grin, “I hope to be like Amitabh Sir.” (referring to Mr. Amitabh Rath, CSR Manager at Schneider Electric India).


Having recently graduated from the BETP after 4 months of training, Narendra Kumar is clearly excited for the future. The Murdbas youth eagerly relates to us the skills he has learnt, “Whether it is underground fitting or anything of that sort, I am able to do it now. I have learnt a lot.” Asked about his plans after graduation, he tells us enthusiastically that there is a 50% chance that he will own his own shop in the future. The graduate adds that he hopes future BETP students will outperform him and that more youths will enroll themselves in the programme so that they may find good jobs.

Batch 2 visit to ITI Jhirka on 27th February 2013

Batch 2 visit to ITI Jhirka on
27th February 2013

Narendra with fellow graduates during the BETP Graduation Ceremony

Narendra with fellow graduates during
the BETP Graduation Ceremony

Narendra is clearly thankful for the training he has received at the BETP. As he is about to receive his certificate from Mr. Srinivas Surapani (Vice President of CCC and Sales Excellence at Schneider Electric India) at the graduation ceremony, he bends to touch Mr. Surapani’s feet as a sign of respect and thanks. Narendra is also grateful to BETP instructor Mr. Sonu Sharma, telling us, “Sonu Sir has taught us a lot. I will remember him for the rest of my life. I will never forget my Guru.”


An ex-VLF of SRFF, Mr. Sonu Sharma is now the trainer of the Basic Electrician Training Programme who has been equipping the youth of Mewat with electrician skills for the last 5 months now. Previously an experienced Maths teacher, the 25-year-old instructor is clearly a dedicated teacher to the bone, often going beyond the call of duty to spend a great deal of time motivating and encouraging his students.

Mr Sharma doing a practical demonstration for his students

Mr Sharma doing a practical
demonstration for his students

Narendra with graduates and Mr. Sharma

Narendra with graduates and Mr. Sharma


Mr. Sharma’s care and concern for his students is evident; when asked if there were any improvements that could be made to the BETP, he thoughtfully suggested a glass door at the entrance to reduce pollution, making the environment more conducive for learning. The modest instructor also told us that he would like to attend training sessions to improve his teaching skills for his students’ benefit.

Mr. Sharma is clearly optimistic for the BETP and its students, telling us, “I hope my students will outdo me in the near future… I hope this programme continues for a long time so that our Mewat area and its people will be more developed.”


I am Muntazeer Khan and I am residing in Kherla. I am very thankful to have completed the Basic Electrician Training Programme jointly offered by SRFF and Schneider Electric. Presently, I am working in an electrical shop. I sincerely hope to be offered a job with Schneider Electric regardless how small the job may be.

I am Niyazam and am obliged to SRFF for introducing the Basic Electrician course in Nuh, Mewat. After completing this course, I have picked up new skills. With the newly acquired skills, I am now employed with ASK Automotive Pvt. Ltd in Gurgaon. I am grateful there has been some positive change in me.


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