Mewat Mondays: Support My School Season 2

As you would know, the launch of the Support My School (SMS) campaign Season 2: Episode Tapkan occurred last Wednesday, 5th June 2013. This exclusive edition of Mewat Mondays will bring you closer to knowing what are the changes in Tapkan Government Primary School (Tapkan, GPS) and Tapkan Government Middle School (Tapkan, GMS) and the impact it has created.

Under SRFF’s flagship programme ‘Mewat Rural Education Programme’ (MREP), Support My School (SMS) campaign is initiated to cover Rewasan, Rehna and Tapkan village school complexes covering 8 schools in Mewat District. This programme is jointly implemented by SRF Foundation, NDTV, Coca Cola India/Enrich Agro Food Products Pvt. Ltd., Tetra Pak India, SunEdison, the Department of Elementary Education, Government of Haryana and Mewat Development Authority.

The cost of revitalising the Tapkan schools added up to 12.5 lakh rupees, excluding the solar power. Additionally, SRF Foundation contributed a matching amount for the contributions made by its partners. A total of 660 students, comprising of primary and middle school students, have benefitted from the revitalisation project.

Here, we take you step by step through the makeover of the toilets and library, and check out the other amenities that have been installed!


Upcoming issues
Issue 24 – The next time you call for a home delivery, don’t be surprised if it is one of the students from our Teach India – Spoken English Training Programme. This edition will cover our 3rd batch of students; look forward to finding out how their competency has improved after just the first month of training!

Issue 25 – Look forward to a detailed description of Project Rahat under MRVP. Hear from the women of Mewat on how is this initiative benefitting them. Know more about the processes of how these sanitary napkins are produced!


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