Mewat Mondays: Jashn-e-Taleem 2013

Each summer holiday, SRFF organises the Jashn-E-Taleem Summer Camp to attract both in and out-of-school children back to school, hoping to kindle an interest towards education through experiences that make learning fun. With the hope of inspiring a change in attitude towards learning in school, SRFF mobilises the resources it can to bring the children an engaging and fulfilling summer camp in a myriad of ways – engaging resource persons to train the volunteers who run the camp in art, craft and games facilitation; providing onsite support via field coordinators and Village Level Facilitators (VLFs); and bringing the Avishkar Van down for more hands-on science activities.


This year, we went a step further to segregate camp participants into three different groups such that a more specialised curriculum can be applied to each category for the most effective returns. The result? 3 separate camps were created. Besides the IBM KidSmart Summer Camp, a new Girls Camp for adolescent girls and Youth Summer Camp targeting rural youths were held.


It  feels  good  to  come  for  the camp…  I  have  learnt  how  to use the computer  here and my keyboard  speed  has  increased to 30 words per minute!
– Salman Khursid, 12, Kanwarsika KidSmart Camp

Sir  is very  nice, if there are not enough  children  he  will  go  to the village to get more. I don’t  like my  sir coming early at 6am  to  clean  the computers and  set  up  the  camp  by himself. So I come at 6.30am  to help him.
– Mohd Faisal Khan, 10, Salaheri KidSmart Camp


My best memory is when students welcome me daily and once they made a heart  for me!  The villagers are very  supportive  towards the camp,  the  sarpanch  came  by  twice and  even  the village doctor  has dropped by before. 
– Nirmala, 24, Female Volunteer, Kherla Girls Camp


I am proud of the team, we make a great team. Winning and losing is part of life.
– Juber Ahmad, 24, Volleyball Captain, Rehna

This year was Rehna’s inaugural experience participating in the Volleyball Competition. They came in a commendable second place after last year’s champions FP Namak, giving them a tough fight. With great honesty and sportsmanship, he encourages his team and tells us this after an exciting finals match.



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