Miss India Aditi- An inspiration

What happens when a role model who is an inspiration to the youngsters and somewhere you aspire to be like him or her comes in front of you in flesh and blood? You are awestruck and amazed by the person present. That’s what happened to the students of SP Nangli when on Tuesday i.e. October 20th Miss India 2015 Aditi Arya paid them a visit as part of Support My School Campaign (SMS), an initiative by Coca Cola and NDTV in collaboration with SRF Foundation that provides infrastructural support in schools. The beauty queen not only charmed the students with her poise but also inspired the students specially the girls for achieving whatever they want. For most of the time spent in the school she talked and motivated students of Shahpur Nangli and urged them to dream and strive to achieve it.
Before that she received a warm welcome by the students who took her around their school with hand in hand. They took her to the Library, Classrooms, Playground, Science Lab, New toilets and through the corridors. She even gave a try at badminton with other girls and yes, she was good at it. She also met girls who went on to excel at State level Handball Championship and was introduced to Wasima who is the Brand Ambassador of our Swachh Vidyalay Program and also a product of UDAAN. At the Principal’s Office she was briefed about the village demographics, the students, achievements of school and was introduced to the key persons involved in the SMS Program by SRF Foundation’s Mr Rakesh.
While talking to girls she shared an anecdote: “When my Mom asked me to wake up and study, I felt like not waking up and felt lazy, at that time it felt terrible to get up and study. But now, when I look back, I think that I did the right thing when I curbed my feelings, got up and studied. I have been crowned Miss India and going for Miss World, it’s all because I got up and did what was at that time difficult for me.”

Apart from that, students talked about what they aspire to become and she motivated and made them believe that they can be what they want to be. It took the efforts of Coca Cola, NDTV AND SRF Foundation to make the visit possible for Ms. Aditi who not only inspired the young and the energetic lot but was instrumental in motivating them. While bidding farewell she was moved by the gesture of the students who presented her with Good- bye cards and requested her to come again.


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