Mustafa-the boy on a mission.

The school starts at 9:30 am but Mustafa leaves home at 7. So what does he do in that time period?
Travels? No, he lives nearby.
He plays? No.
He spends time with friends? No.
Mustafa is on a daily mission during this time, where he makes sure that he takes along maximum students to school. As there is irregularity and attendance issues, he visits homes that even fall out of his way to school.
The 13-year old boy even talks to parents about sending their wards to school regularly. Mustafa who is in 7th Std. even asks his seniors who don’t come to school, but they fend him off.
Why does he do it? ” Because exams are coming and if they don’t come they’ll fail’.
Why are you so bothered? “Because i don’t want any one to work in stone quarries”. Most villagers either work in fields or in stone quarries in Mewat to earn a living.
After some more digging in, he told how his father worked in a stone quarry and would sustain serious injuries frequently while working in it. He works no more and stays at home.
A crusader, a torch bearer – Mustafa is an example for all of us. Such souls will definitely show the path to their community and will also go on to grace the world with their light.


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