The Combat to Comeback


14- year old Subeena was an ordinary girl studying at Govt Middle School, Kherla when her parents decided to pull her out of school as now she was a grown up and it was normal for a girl of this age to drop-out and adorn home and indulge in household chores rigorously. She was in Class 7 then and the year was 2014.
Her school going friends told her about the activities in school, prizes won in different competitions, visits to Gurgaon and the happenings around campus which now she could only imagine. While her attempts at getting back to school proved futile, her desire to get back to school grew even stronger. After a year long struggle which consisted of persuading parents and breaking social norms, she is back to school and it was October’15.
The moment her parents obliged, she couldn’t wait and stitched her uniform within two hours and was back to the place which had been in her visions and dreams-School. “Subeena has caught up with the lost time and has come back strongly. She’s doing well in her studies and is unbeatable at co-curricular activities. She’s also the monitor of her class” Savita Ratta, Principal boasted of one of her students.
Salute to the girl extraordinaire, kudos to her grit and determination to continue studies. Subeena you’re an inspiration to million such girls who are pulled out of schools. You’ve shown them the way


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