Mewat Children’s Tryst with Technology at Shri Sambhawana – Technology Mega Festival


An exposure visit to the annual event of Shri Sambhawana – Technology Mega Festival, at the Shri Ram S15326389_1293558557331647_8469968909913503270_nchools (TSRS), Aravali, in the month of December, by our 60 children from Mewat Rural Education Programme (MREP) schools, opened new doors into the exciting and wondrous world of Science for them. Accompanying the students were Science teachers, champion trainers and Gurugram DIET faculty members from our Science promotion pro gramme of Techniques of Teaching Science (TTS). The participating children belonged to the middle schools of Kherla, Salamba, Kawarsika and Rojka Meo who were interested in Science and had performed well in the subject.

The day was full of learning and enjoyment for the children as well as the teachers. During their tryst with technology the children got a chance to have a glimpse into the world of augmented reality and virtual reality and its relevance in the 21st century. Over 15 stalls with more than 50 projects related to Science were on display. There our team studied and gained information of various working and 3D models of STEM, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and robotics which were prepared by the students of TSRS. The models covered various topics of STEM and Science like catapult, scuba diver, water and air cannon, secret message, chemical clock, colored shadow, telescope and kaleidoscope, kinetic and potential ener15327367_1293558630664973_6507674963198353657_ngy, water pumping system, air purifying device, growing plants without soil, wind power, making devices through chemical products, DNA isolation, app ideation and much more. While ensuring a balance between fitness and enjoyment in life, the children also shook some leg on the beats of Zumba and even tried their hands at the gaming zone.

There was also an exhibition on CERN experiments and how they study the building blocks of matter. But the highlight of the day was a stimulating live interview with Dr. Archana Sharma who motivated the students to follow their passion and pursue a career in Sciences. Apart from this, the children also got a chance to take a virtual live tour of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN, an European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Overall, the visit was an enriching one which helped enga15327235_1293558973998272_800506358542950836_nge the young minds of the students and boost their morale to replicate the same at their schools. The team of TSRS ensured that our children and teachers got full exposure of all the stalls and they specifically ensured full understanding of our children about all the models that were presented and cleared their doubts about its concepts and application. One of our teacher shared, “The event was an excellent combination of technology, education and enjoyment. There were interesting and thought provoking exhibits by students along with amazing Robotics projects. For me it was a good learning experience and was really feeling lucky to be a part of such a grand event.”

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