Around the World in 40 Minutes

Clapping, singing and dancib5ng and then suddenly pin drop silence! This is how the library period starts in Govt. Jr. College, Hoodi. The library in-charge, Mr. Madhaygowda, uses this age old technique of Nali – Kali which literally means Play and Learn. He shares that this technique increases the concentration and easily captures the attention of all the students. With a capacity of 50 students, the library is well lit, ventilated and filled with beautiful quotes and pictures of Jnanpeeth Award winning authors from Karnataka and inspirational leaders and scientists from around the world.

Apart from 3665 books from varied fields including syllabus subjects, stories, autobiographies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, general knowledge and reference books the library also has a special place and stand for the newspapers of English and Kannada language which gives the students a daily dose of the latest updates from around the world. This new library is in stark contrast to the previous library room which was congested, dimly lit, noisy and was divided into craft and library room.

b6Sharing her passion for Science, Fiza, a Class 10 student, shares how the library introduced her to the ‘proof’ of everything. In a short period of only a month, she has already read various books about famous scientists like Albert Einstein and Graham Bell and concepts of Science. Enchanted to know the little secrets behind the working of everything in our day to day lives, Fiza wants to become a Scientist and contribute significantly to the rich heritage of India in the field of Science like she has contributed in the beautification of her library.

When asked about the best thing about her library, she proudly demonstrates the e-cataloging system in a laptop which helps in keeping a track of books after they have been issued and also gives all the details about the book like its title, author’s name, publisher and edition. In her leisure time, she loves coming to the library to quench her thirst for knowledge, she even comes here during her recess time.

Mr. Kantaraju, who is also one of the library in-charge, took help from one of his friends working in another organization to develop a child friendly software in excel for cataloging and issuing of books. Discussing further on the benefits of library he shared that the process has helped them connect with new donors and social workers in the area. Also the projector in the library has helped in teaching difficult topics to the children in a more interactive and effective way. The library also has a collection of e-books of different subjects.

b7Ms. Sarojamma, the Head Mistress of the library also proactively worked to outsource Rs. 2.7 lakhs from the community, companies and social leaders to give her students the best of everything in their library. She actively involved all the teachers and the students during the whole process which instilled a sense of ownership among them and also helped them learn new techniques and process.

As a future plan, she wants to ensure optimum utilization of all the resources present in the library, especially the projector by introducing new innovative methods of teaching through audio visuals and presentations for all the three languages being taught in the school, that is, Kannada, English and Hindi.

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