Our Treasure Trove

A story of change from Govt. Higher Primary School, Kaveri Nagar, Bangalore.
b1Away from the hustle and bustle of the classrooms below, Sandhya, a student of Class 7 of GHS, Kaveri Nagar, was quietly engrossed in understanding the ‘inside’ of a human body. One could feel the 30 minds working in sync with the bundle of knowledge in front of them. Here they did not need a teacher to tell them what they should do or how to behave, as they had the books, their best friends, to guide them and take them to a whole new world.

When asked what she was reading, Sandhya looked up with bright eyes filled with the amazement of the new found information and a mouth ready to share it all. “I am reading what a human body is made of, I didn’t know we look like this from inside, it’s so complex and beautiful at the same time”. It was surprising to see a little girl of Class 7 to find beauty and complexity in the same thing at such a tender age. But her library changed her. With an interest in Science, History and Biology experiments, Sandhya knew where to get her favorite books as she also helped her teachers in setting all the 2000 books in order.

b2Ms. Fatima, the in-charge of the library also shared the same passion as the children. A government school student herself, she nostalgically recalled her school days where they did not had access to a library, but she is happy to see her students get that opportunity which most of the government school students are deprived of. She has seen a marked change in the sentence framing, reading and writing skills of the students since the library has been made accessible to the students.

b3Even the Head Mistress of the school, Ms. Shweta, has observed a similar change in the students and was very proud of her library which she developed and systematically organized with the help of her teachers and students. With the grant that she received, she ensured a colorful set up with quotes and cartoons on the wall which will help attract the students and will appear more appealing to them. Apart from that she got almirahs to arrange the books and chairs and table to help children sit together comfortably while they embarked on a new journey where they made new friends and learned new lessons every day.

With her leadership anb4d contacts she even got support from IT companies like TCS and Dell which contributed 400 books for the library. Even Kanada Sahitya Parishad helped her to enrich her library with 300 literature books.

As a future plan, the team of Kaveri Nagar School wants to digitalize the cataloging system, add more books to the library and add a projector to the library in order to aid audio visual learning covering syllabus, general knowledge and child friendly movies. She is also looking forward to an increase in enrollment with this new attractive addition to the school.

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