SRF Foundation and HP Launch “HP World on Wheels (HP WoW)” Mobile Bus for Digital Inclusion in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan

DSCN7897It was a moment of ‘WoW’, wonder and pride for us at SRF Foundation, as we became theRZ8A6792 flag bearers for launching the first IT enabled digital bus, ‘hp World on Wheels (WoW)’ one of its kind, at SRF plant location, Bhiwadi, today. The Chief Guest of this memorable day was Mr. Muktanand Agarwal, Dist. Collector, Alwar, who cut the ribbon and gave our mission a head start. Also present during the event were Mr. M. L. Yogi, Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Secretory, Mr. Manish Arora and Mr. Shantanu Chatterjee from HP Digital India Team, Mr. Awadesh Gangwar, SRF Bhiwadi plant head, Dr. Rajbir, Sr. VP SRF Bhiwadi, Dr. Suresh Reddy, Director, SRF Foundation.

RZ8A6836Apart from them other government officials like, Mr. S. C. Mathuria, General Manager, DIC, Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, ADPC – SSA, Mr. Ramesh Chand Sharma, BEO, Tijara, Sarpanch of Jhiwana, industry representatives from Bhiwadi, representatives from Foundation, teachers and students from our program schools in Bhiwadi and members from the community, all graced the event which marked an important date in the history of digital education.
SRF Foundation’s 20 seater, IT-enabled HP WoW bus will offer a mobility solution to help
bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas through PPP model by bringing easy information technology access to the isolated and disadvantaged groups in 18 villages and the government schools of those villages in Bhiwadi (Alwar Dist.), Rajasthan. It will also promote IT enabled education through e-learning modules and entrepreneurial and skill development courses will help train school children, rural youth and communities, among others by acting as a Community Service Center (CSC). With increased awareness of computers, the local population will get linked to Government programs and initiatives. This initiative is in keeping with SRF Foundation’s mission to provide quality education and skill development training programs across the country.

Dr. Rajbir gave a warm welcome to all the revered guests and the community membersDSCN7879 present, while addressing the community, Dr. Reddy gave a brief introduction to the bus in simple language for the people present and informed them about the benefits which they can avail from the same. The representatives from HP asked the teachers, students and the community members present to give them a feedback after using the bus and inform the in charge about any issue that they may face as it will only help them to improve their services in the next busses that they will soon launch in the rest of the states of India.
Mr. Yogi hailed the new joint initiative of SRF Foundation and HP as according to him the knowledge of technology is the need of the hour and in the near future people and children who will not know how to utilize technology will be termed as ‘illiterate’.

The Dist. Collector of Alwar, Mr. Agarwal expressed his high expectations from this new DSCN7925venture. He shared that he would eagerly wait to witness the wave of change and evolution which SRF Foundation and HP partnership would bring about in Bhiwadi. He was also proud of the fact that the very first digital bus was launched in Bhiwadi giving an opportunity to the children to get a hands on experience of technology at a very early age. Further on he requested the representatives of other companies and factories who were present to follow the footsteps of SRF Ltd. in terms of the CSR initiatives that they have been doing in Bhiwadi for the past 12 years. From his own end he promised all the support whenever required for the cause of education in Bhiwadi.

Towards the end of the event, Mr. Awadesh thanked the people present and instilled in them a sense of ownership by reminding them that the bus was for their own benefit and hence its safety was also their responsibility.

The SRF Foundation ‘HP WoW’ project in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan aims to impact over 45,000 people across 18 villages in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan during the 39-month partnership tenure. 

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One response to “SRF Foundation and HP Launch “HP World on Wheels (HP WoW)” Mobile Bus for Digital Inclusion in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan

  1. Dr Reddy , Habitat for Humanity India has done Sanitation Projects in Bhiwadi at Tijara and children and especially girls are not going to school. Can any Information education can be started ?Most of the People are from Muslim community and they don’t send their children for Education. Can Your Program can help . Village detail follows .
    Sl. No. Village GP Block District
    1. Bandapur Jodiamew Tezara Alwar
    2. Husepur Jodiamew Tezara Alwar
    3. Choupanki Jodiamew Tezara Alwar
    4. Jodiamew Jodiamew Tezara Alwar

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