Pathway to a Whole New World

The moment you enter the library of Govt. High School, Immadihalli, you feel as if you b8have entered a digitalized corporate setup where you have your personal cabins and confortable revolving chairs. As you take your seat a new inspirational quote welcomes you every day. This is because of their collection of 1000 such quotes which they shift from one cabin to other every day. These are all the efforts of the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Shiva Reddy and the library in-charge Ms. Subha Hedge.

 “I love books”, beemed Subha when asked why she accepted the role of the in-charge, “the library gives the teachers also an opportunity to enhance their skills and teaching techniques.” For the headmaster, he just wants the best in the world for his students. When asked about the unique setup of the library he shared that he wanted his students to get a feel of the corporate setup early in their lives so as to spark their aspirations and motivate them to dream beyond. Also the design of the library is such so that it can be converted into a digital library cum smart class room in the near future.

b9Mr. Reddy even went ahead to research on the best colors to be used on the walls and for furniture so that the children feel calm, relaxed and can concentrate more. Also one of the unique things about this library was that all the 2500 books were not kept in almirahs but open shelves as the headmaster believed that the books should be kept in open rather than behind the mirrors so that the children feel that the books are more accessible and they are free to touch, feel and read them.

To achieve such high aspirations the headmaster also worked hard to find new collaborations in order to give his 45 children of each class a corporate set-up. He reached out to the community, local leaders and other companies who donated him floor mat, the comfortable revolving chairs, laptops and even free Wi-Fi!

On interacting with Balaji, Neha and Bhawna of Class 10 about their new library, all wereb10 very eager to share their views. Since they had to sit on the floor in the previous library room, the cabin and revolving chairs were more than what they could have imagined the new library to be like. The various books gave wings to their imagination, aspiration and knowledge. Here apart from the syllabus they read about Subhas Chandra Bose, an Indian freedom fighter, M. Visvesvaraya, an Engineer from Karnataka and also ‘Panchatantra’ a collection of Indian folk lore. The various varieties of books not only made them a good human being but also became a pathway for them to a whole
new world. But with Science and Mathematics as the favorite subjects of all the three, the school promised an IAS officer, Doctor and Engineer in the next few years.

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