Potpourri of Knowledge

In an ocean of 8000 thousand books, Bibi Jaan of Class 8 from Govt. High School, Doddaanekundi, b11was silently engrossed in a book which gave her deeper insight to the views and vision of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose and Jawaharlal Nehru. Her 35 other classmates were also enchanted by the pages of the books which told them everything that they wanted to know. From syllabus to story books, recopies to arts and craft, dictionaries to encyclopedia, you name it and they had it. Apart from that they also had newspapers in three languages of Kannada, English and Hindi which gave them a daily dose of news from around the world. “I love Mathematics and want to become an Engineer one day, but being a good human being is equally important”, said the confident Bibi Jaan who has never skipped her library class, which is also her favorite place to be during free periods.

Mr. Muneshe, the Head Master of the school, feels lucky to have such enthusiastic and self-motivated teachers and children who helped him bring the library to life in just a short span of one month. With a collection of 8000 books already in his kitty, he utilized the amount given to him to develop a place where his students will be at ease while their mind sailed through the ocean of knowledge. He bought chairs, almirahs and tables for them and painted the walls with quotes and pictures which gave them a welcoming feeling every time they entered the room.b12

“In my 20 years of experience I have observed that the children are not very keen in reading, but the library changed this scenario in a very short time”, recalled Ms. Kavita, the library in-charge of the Doddaanekundi Govt. High School. She also shared that previously when there was no separate library room then the children used to sit on the floor and read which used to be very uncomfortable for them, but now they have a separate well ventilated room and also chairs and tables to comfortable glide through the waves of knowledge. On asking how the cataloging of the books was done, she smiled and said that it was not an easy task as they had so many to arrange. But still they didn’t take any help from the children as they only wanted them to utilize that time to read and learn. The small team of teachers took on themselves this herculean task and worked extra time to make it possible.

Mr. Anand Kumar, the Physical Education teacher who readily gave up his sports room for the library was very happy with the new addition in the school. He believes that sports and books together make a complete person as sports refreshes and strengthens the body while books strengthens the mind. In the library one can see the various trophies that the children won in various sports and now Mr. Kumar wants to see a similar result in academics too with the help of the library.b13

As a future plan, the headmaster and the teachers share the same vision, that is, to add more general knowledge books in the library so as to help the children prepare themselves in a competitive world where knowledge is their only savior.

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